Carports & Verandahs

Not having a verandah, carport, or patio should be unheard of in Australia. Whether you want something for outdoor entertainment, or something to keep your car safe from the elements; a carport, verandah, or patio could help you to achieve it. Southside Group have every style and option imaginable from the quality LYSAGHT Living Collection, so you can find something that suits your needs perfectly. We want you to choose the option that suits your home and needs perfectly, so you can enjoy the great Australian outdoors whatever the weather! 



The Benefits of Carports, Verandahs, And Patios

There are a huge number of benefits to investing in a carport, verandah, or patio. This makes a superior investment for entertaining, relaxing, or protecting your car, that will last for many years to come. Southside Group’s offerings come with a 20 year structural performance warranty, and are compliant to Australian standards, so you don’t have to worry about them not standing the test of time. This means you can feel confident and have total peace of mind when purchasing your carport, verandah, or patio from Southside Group.

With an offering from Southside Group you can enhance your family’s lifestyle, and spend more time with your friends. You can protect your home and car from sun damage and other elements. You can host outdoor get-togethers and barbecues. You can simply relax. Whatever ideas you have in mind, Southside Group are happy to help you bring them to life.


Different Types Of Carport, Verandahs, and Patios Available



this type is a flat roofed verandah from the LYSAGHT Living collection. They can be free-standing or attached to your home, and will complement range of architectural styles. If you feel your home may present an architectural challenge, the Skillion could be a good choice for you. Skillion options are a stylish and functional way to bring your verandah and home seamlessly together, making it perfect for social gatherings, children’s parties, outdoor cooking, and more.



You can choose from our collection of pitched verandahs or patios, perfectly matched to your personal taste and needs. The great thing about a pitched option is that they give your outdoor space more of an openness in comparison to other options available. You will still be able to protect your home and car from the elements, as well as use it for entertaining, outdoor dining, relaxing, and more.



The designer styles on offer combine both skillion and pitched styles, with an unparalleled design and flexibility for your outdoor area. The simple maintenance requirements allow your verandah, carport, or patio to keep its aesthetics year after year. You won’t have to compromise the beauty or functionality of your home with the designer options available from Southside Group. 


DIY Project 

If you fancy taking on more of a DIY project, call Southside Group to discuss your needs and we can design a kit to be delivered to your home. We can help to make your dreams a reality! 


What Is The Most Suitable Option For You and Your Home?

Verandahs and carports are essential for the laid back Australian lifestyle, but you need to figure out which type is most suitable for you first. Having the perfect type for your home and needs will make all the difference. All of the options on offer at Southside Group boast high quality materials, a superior long lasting design, and a wide range of styles to suit your preferences.

Make sure you consider where you want your new verandah, carport, or patio to go on your home, and whether you believe any architectural challenges to be present. Also, consider how you will mostly be using your new addition, as well as your budget. This will help you to select the right option for you. 

Every option available will allow you to enhance your family’s lifestyle, giving you additional space to relax and entertain, enjoying the Australian outdoors to the max. You’ll also have the added benefits of protecting your home from extreme heat and sun damage, all while transforming the appearance of your home.


Call Southside Group For Advice Today!

If you’re confused about the kind of verandah, carport, or patio to introduce to your home, call up and speak to a consultant at Southside Group to discuss your needs. With over 25 years experience, you can be sure you’ll get the helpful advice you need and select the perfect option for you.

Southside Group are proud to offer an amazing service and great price - call us today and set the wheels in motion! 


From outdoor entertaining to quality protection for your car, there’s a LYSAGHT Living Collection® verandah, patio or carport that’s just right for your home.

Featuring 100% Australian-made COLORBOND® steel, and manufactured by Lysaght with over 150 years of experience, you can be assured your new verandah, patio or carport will be a superior investment for entertaining, relaxing or protecting your car for many years to come.

Fully compliant to Australian standards and with a 20 year structural performance warranty* offering you confidence & peace of mind.